Van Musschenbroek Genealogy
Fourteen generations

The first Van Musschenbroek mentioned is Sceyfaert a knight who fought in the army of the Duke Wentzel of Brabant and was captured by Willem van Gulik, the Duke of Gelre in the battle of Baesweiler in 1371. He was released after a ransom was paid, but as a consequence he lost his title.

The name also shows up in the 14th century in Flanders (Belgium) in Gent, where Gillis van Musschenbroek lived. From 1385 till the end of the 15th century information is not available. This brings us to the 16th century. The Van Musschenbroek family then lived in Flanders in the surroundings of Doornik, where they owned land. Being protestants they fled for the inquisition of King Phillips II, and the duke of Alba, who was Sire of the Netherlands. Some went to Germany, some became sailors and Joost van Musschenbroek went North. He was mentioned as a chirurgijn (general practitioner) in 1593 in Rotterdam. He must have died before 1600, because on the 10th of September 1600 his widow Levyne Breackmans is accepted as a citizen in Leiden.

Family crest painted in the 1637

Coat of arms:
In gold three sparrows in natural colour, two on the ground on a green grass field, one flying and above the others. Helmet: crowned. Helmet signs a flying sparrow between a golden flight. Cloth: gold and green.


Joost Gillisz. van Musschenbroek, born around 1560 in Gent. Son of Gillis van Musschenbroek. lived in Gent (Belgium), is mentioned in a charter of 20 July 1593 in Rotterdam and referred to as chirurgijn (GP) on a battleship. He is then 33 years of age and living in Rotterdam. He died before 1600. He married Levyne Braeckmans who as his widow in 1600 was recorgnized as a citizen of Leiden.


Adriaan Joostensz. van Musschenbroek, born in Rotterdam 1590, became citizen of Leiden in 1610, brass-founder, later lampmaker. Burried in Leiden on 27 December 1663. Married Mayke van Ravelingen on 11 August 1612. They had 12 children.



Joost van Musschenbroek, born Leiden in 1614, lampmaker, died in Leiden 10 Februari 1693, burried in the Hoogland Kerk. Married in 1637 Mayke van Middelen.



Johannes van Musschenbroek, born 2 August 1660, Instrument maker, died in Leiden 10 Januari 1707. Married in Rotterdam in 16 August 1685 to Margaretha van Straaten.



Prof.Dr. A.L.M. et med. Petrus van Musschenbroek, born 14 March 1692 in Leiden. Professor in Duisberg, 1719, in Utrecht 1723 and in Leiden 1740. Honorary professor in St. Petersburg. Died 19 September 1761, burried in the Pieterskerk in Leiden. Married on 16 July 1724 Adriana van de Water born 19 January 1694, died Utrecht 8 May 1732. Daughter of Willem and Maria Ouzeel. Married again in 1738 with Helena Alstorphius born 12 July 1692, died in Leiden 3 December 1760 in Leiden.
From this marriage:
1. Maria van Musschenbroek, born Utrecht 1 May 1725, married to Prof Rev. Herman van Alphen, born Hanau 22 July 1712, Reverent in Otterloo, Professor Theology in Hanau in 1755. Died in Hanau 25 Januari 1767
2. Jan Willem van Musschenbroek (follows VI)



Mr. Jan Willem van Musschenbroek, born 6 July 1729 in Utrecht. Member of the City Council of Utrecht 1756 - 95, Mayor of Utrecht in 1783, 84, 87, 88, 92 and 93. Died in Utrecht 5 June 1807. Married 15 September 1760 to Cornelia Luchtmans, born Leiden 12 May 1734, died Utrecht 29 May 1804, daughter of Samuel and Cornelia van Musschenbroek.
From this marriage:
1. Mr. Pieter van Musschenbroek born Utrecht 9 September 1764, died Delft 14 June 1823
2. Samuel Cornelis (follows VII)



Mr. Samuel Cornelis van Musschenbroek, born 4 July 1766 in Utrecht, member of the City council of Leiden 1789 - 95, City council of Utrecht 1805 - 13, Alderman in Utrecht 1723 - 39. Married Apolonia Johanna Croese 24 August 1800.



Jan Willem van Musschenbroek, born 29 January 1802, Died in Haarlem 26 April 1878, married the honourable Mrs Anne de Mey 8 September 1827. Daughter of Jean Ghijsbertho and Petronella Magdalena Gerlings.
From this marriage:
1. Samuel Corneille Jean Wilhelm IX A
2. Jean Gisberto Pierre Herman IX B
3. Diderik Apolonius Joan, born The Hague 21 September 1830, died Utrecht 8 March 1869
4. Marie Wilhelma Christine Henriette Cathérine, born the Hague 2 June 1832, died The Hague 19 March 1916, married in Olst to Mr. Jacobus Tielenius Kruythoff, born Beverwijk 7 October 1828, judge in Haarlem and secretary to the city counsel in Haarlem, died 3 September 1885 in Haarlem. Son of Elias and Dame Leonora Ida Hoeufft.
5. Anna Clemence Eduardine, born The Hague 22 May 1835, married 20 August 1851 Theodore Zuyderhof.
6. Getrude Petronne Charlotte Madelaine Aimée, born Alphen a/d Rijn 19 April 1840, died Helenaveen 12 March 1899, married Jacob Cornelis van de Blocquery 20 May 1868
7. Jean Rudolph Fréderic, born Alphen a/d Rijn 24 March 1843. Died in The Hague 24 February 1880.Lieutenant in the Cavalry, married Martha Constantia Braskamp 28 April 1870.




Mr. Samuel Corneille Jean Wilhelm van Musschenbroek,
born The Hague 5 July 1827, Resident of Manado 1875-76. Died Leiden 7 November 1883, married in Deventer 10 October 1860 the honourable Mrs. Wilhelmina Henrietta Teding van Berkhout, died 4 June 1908 Vrijenban (South Africa).
From this marriage:
1. Gijsbert Pieter Herman van Musschenbroek, born Ambarawa (Dutch Indies) 18 November 1866, Mine engineer. Died in The Hague in 1934
2. Pieter Eduard, follows X
3. Jan Rudolph, follows Xbis
4. Samuel Cornelis Pieter van Musschenbroek, born Olst 18 October 1861, army officer in the Dutch Indies. Died Soekaboemi 12 November 1900, Married Louise Christine Charlotte Adolphine Marie Moerman, born Delft 13 September 1868.


Pieter Eduard van Musschenbroek, born Buitenzorg 20 August 1870,
Navy officer, administrator Sugar factory Tjomal, married 1 August 1900 the honourable Mrs Elisabeth Emilie Hora Siccema, born Buitenzorg 18 July 1874.
From this marriage:
Samuel Frans van Musschenbroek, follows XI
Marnix Pieter van Musschenbroek, follows XI-B


Jan Rudolph van Musschenbroek, born Buitenzorg 3 February 1873, painter, artist. Married 10 September 1908 Eliza Petronella de Kuyper, born Rotterdam 11 December 1870.
From this marriage:
Eliza Wilhelmina van Musschenbroek, born The Hague, 28 November 1913.
Married to A. de Lorm, born The Hague 16 April 1901. Died Arnhem on 22 November 1989.
From this marriage:
Eliza, born Arnhem 5 May 1948;
Henriette Wilhelmina, born Arnhem 9 May 1949;
Anne Marie Clémence and Dina Phillipina, born Arnhem 2 April 1958;
Jan Rudolph, born 25 December 1958, Arnhem.


Samuel Frans van Musschenbroek, born Singapore 10 May 1901, Representative Javaansche Bank. Married on 14 November 1931 to Johanna Cornelia Kousbroek, born 21 October 1913 in Modjo Korto (Dutch Indies).
From this marriage:


Pieter Karel van Musschenbroek, born Semarang 6 December 1934. Married to Aline de la Madeleine, born august 4 1932 Limoges, Canada.
From this marriage:


Michel Wilfrid van Musschenbroek, born September 6, 1962, Ottawa Canada. Married on October 28, 1995, Helen May Crooker, born August 13 1967, Livermore Falls, ME, United States

From this marriage:
1.Mikayla May van Musschenbroek, born May 17, 1997
2.Hannah Kay van Musschenbroek, born March 28, 1999
3. Gabriel Peter van Musschenbroek, born November 11, 2001


Ingrid Christine van Musschenbroek, born August 15 1965, Ottawa Canada. Married on September 25, 1999 Jorge das Neves, born March 4, 1969, Toronto Canada.
From this marriage:
1. Erik van Gaivoto, born April 9, 1994
2. Isabelle Celeste das Neves, born June 10, 2000

3. Julian Peter Americo das Neves, born August 29, 2002, Toronto, Canada


Gijsbertho Marnix van Musschenbroek, born Kotha Radja, 21 August 1938. Married 25 May 1972 to Annelize Teunissen, born Solo (Soerakarta) 2 July 1941.
From this marriage:
1. Pieter Teun van Musschenbroek, born Port Moresby (New Guinea) 26 June 1973
2. Aard Jan van Musschenbroek, born Port Moresby 16 October 1975
3. Caroline Cornelia van Musschenbroek, born Port Moresby 13 October 1977


Marnix Pieter van Musschenbroek, born Cheribon 27 March 1905. Died Velp 1998. Manager KYCPL in Durban, manager Sterling Financial Corp. in Durban. Died Velp 25 October 1995. Married in Singapore 3 February 1938 to Nellie Sherratt Elgie, born 1 November 1903 in Durban. Daughter of Simon Kelsey and Ellen Mathilda Sherratt.
From this marriage:


Kelsey Samuel van Musschenbroek, born Medan 16 September 1941. Married Rosemary Catherine Robertson, born Matana (Ruanda) 24 February 1942.
From this marriage:
1. Emily Catherine van Musschenbroek, born Wimbledon 18 April 1970
2. Caroline Margaret van Musschenbroek, born Wimbledon 17 March 1973




Jean Gisberto Pierre Herman van Musschenbroek, born The Hague 30 March
1829. Died Oliviershoek (Natal) 11 July 1890, Married 22 August 1855 the Honourable Mrs Maria Teding van Berkhout, born Olst H. Hoenlo 13 September 1831. Died Durban Natal 21 September 1901.
From this marriage:
1. Jan Willem Hendrik van Musschenbroek, born Olst 25 April 1856, died Olst 1 April 1857
2. Samuel Cornelis van Musschenbroek, follows X
3. Eduard Willem van Musschenbroek, born Olst 25 April 1856, married to a daughter Allison
4. Anne Marie van Musschenbroek, born Olst 18 Januari 1866, married to son Allison
5. Jeanne Gisbertha Jacoba van Musschenbroek, born Olst 16 March 1874, died 1967. Married to 16 December 1896 to Arnold Abraham Allison, born Pieter Maritzburg 1 April 1866.



Samuel Cornelis van Musschenbroek, born Olst 30 December 1857, Ridder ON,
first administrator Sugar plantation Tjomal, chairman of the syndicate of Sugar plants on Java, later member of Van Heekeren en Co in Amsterdam. Died Amsterdam 9 December 1914. Married 11 April 1885 in Pekalongan with the Honourable Mrs. Marie Christine von Balluseck, born Pekalongan 20 December 1864, died Aalsmeer 4 July 1946.
From this marriage:
1. Anne Marie Clemence van Musschenbroek, born Pekalongan, Tjomal 3 March 1888, married The Hague 3 June 1919 Felix von Balluseck, born Batavia 26 August 1891 (divorced in 1924).


2. Gijsbertho Felix Willem Arthur Karel van Musschenbroek, born Pekalongan Tjomal 12 July 1886, Director Van Heekeren & Co. Died Bussum. Marrein the Hague in 1918 with Matilda Elisabeth Koning, born Den Helder 28 July 1895. Died Bussum.
3. Felix Eduard van Musschenbroek, follows XI.



Felix Eduard van Musschenbroek, born Pekalongan Tjomal 11 April 1888, former managing director of Agricultural company 'De Peel', moved to Santa Cruz USA in 1920. Died in Santa Cruz on 21 September 1923. Married to Wilhelma Mary van Lockhorst, born Edi (Sumatra) 13 August 1893, Died The Hague 1964. Daughter of Hendrik Adriaan and Leonore Elize Anne Deliane Tilenius Kruithoff
From this marriage:
1. Eduard Samuel Adriaan van Musschenbroek, born Gemert 25 August 1916, Lawyer in Amsterdam, joined the resistance in the World War 2, betrayed and sentenced to death. Executed on 1 July 1944 in Overveen.
2. Elise Christine. follows XII



Elise Christine van Musschenbroek, born in Amsterdam 1 November 1919.
Married Koenraad van Someren Gréve, born Haarlem 19 December 1911. Died 28
March 1977.
From this marriage:
1. Samuel Cornelis van Someren Gréve, born Wassenaar 4 August 1946
2. Evert Willem van Someren Gréve, born Wassenaar 10 August 1947
3. Koenraad Felix Eduard van Musschenbroek Gréve, follows XIII
4. Henri van Someren Gréve, born The Hague 2 July 1953


Koenraad Felix Eduard van Musschenbroek Gréve, born Batavia (Indonesia)
19 November 1949. Married in Naarden 20 June 1980 to Tjerkje Hamminga, born
Veendam 1 Februari 1954, daughter of Jochem Jan and Grieteke van de Vegte.
From this marriage:
1. Wilhelmina Mary Grieteke van Musschenbroek Gréve, born The Hague 12 Januari
2. Felix Eduard van Musschenbroek Gréve, born The Hague 30 May 1986

Descendants of Eduard Willem van Musschenbroek and Elia Stuart-Allison
In South Africa

In 1882 Berto van Musschenbroek and his wife Maria and children – after some misfortune in the Netherlands – decided to start a new life in South Africa. He bought a farm at Groot Geluk, Oliviershoek, Upper Tugela where they settled down. He had two sons, Sam, who decided not to go to South Africa, but to Sumatra to work in the sugar plant of his grandfather and Eduard, who joined the family in Africa. Nearby their farm was the farm of the family Allison. The two daughters of Berto and his son Eduard all married Allisons.
Following is an the genealogy of the Van Musschenbroeken in South Africa as it was offered to the Foundation by Mike Raadt. It is part of a nearly complete and extended document.


X Eduard Willem VAN MUSSCHENBROEK (b.25 Apr ?1859-'Klein Hoenlo',Olst,Holland d.'Before the War', Natal,South Africa)
sp: Elia STUART-ALLISON (b.?1860-France m.?3 Jun 1883/4 d.1933-Brits,S. Africa)

Far left: Cornelia (‘Nellie’), Clemence (‘Clé’), Samuel (‘Sam’ – in
sailor-suit), Elia (Eduard’s wife), Gisbertho (‘Bertie’), Elia, Eduard Willem
and Edward is seated on the floor in front

XI Gisbertho Rudolf Lydius (‘Bertie’) VAN MUSSCHENBROEK (b.26 Mar 1885-Upper Tugela,Natal (Ladysmith)
d.5 Nov 1975-Brakpan,S. Africa), sp: Florence ECKARDT (b.20 Oct 1906 m.?1930/31 d.21 Jan 1972)
From this marriage:
1. Inez VAN MUSSCHENBROEK (b.14 Sep 1932 d.?) sp: Pieter Ernest DU PLESSIS (b.3 Jul 1932 m.10 Oct 1953)

XII 2. Gisbertho VAN MUSSCHENBROEK (b.19 Jun 1934), sp: Anna Margrieta VAN DER WALT (b.15 Feb 1932 m.9 Apr 1955)
From this marriage:
2.1 Amanda VAN MUSSCHENBROEK (b.6 Feb 1956)
2.2.Maryke VAN MUSSCHENBROEK (b.1 Apr 1959)
3. Myrna Marie VAN MUSSCHENBROEK (b.24 Oct 1936) sp: Andrew George JACKSON (b.22 Jan 1921 m.(div))
From this marriage:
1. Florence Brenda Iris VAN MUSSCHENBROEK (b.2 Oct 1953) sp: Gerhardus Petrus MARAIS (b.16 Sep 1949 m.7 Sep 1974)

XIb. Cornelia (‘Nellie’) VAN MUSSCHENBROEK (b.24 Feb 1886-Upper Tugela,Natal (?Ladysmith) d.1 Feb 1973)

XIc Elia Marie Theodora (‘Ella’) VAN MUSSCHENBROEK (b.27 Oct 1887-Upper Tugela,Natal,(?Ladysmith)
d.12 Jul 1963-Benoni,South Africa) sp: Michael Joseph BURKE (b.4 May 1863-Waterford,S. Ireland m.28 Jun 1914
d.25 Aug 1943-Benoni, S. Africa)

XId Kathleen Evangeline Clemence (‘Clé’) VAN MUSSCHENBROEK (b.28 Sep 1890-Upper Tugela,Natal,(?Ladysmith)
d.15 May 1969-Cloverdene,Benoni,S. Africa) (never married)


XIe . Edward Marthinus Cornelius (‘Edward’) VAN MUSSCHENBROEK (b.18 Jun 1895-Upper Tugela,Natal
d.2 Feb 1977-Benoni) sp: Edna Marie Josephine DE SCALLY (b.8 Sep 1916-Benoni,S. Africa m.24 Sep 1939
d.11 Feb 1976-Benoni,S. Africa)
from this marriage
1. Robert Edward VAN MUSSCHENBROEK (b.14 Jul 1940-Benoni,S. Africa d.17 Jul 1961-Benoni)
XII. 2. Lionel Thomas VAN MUSSCHENBROEK (b.6 Oct 1942-Benoni,S. Africa) sp: Mary Ruby Elizabeth VAN STADEN
(b.10 Dec 1951 m.14 Nov 1969)
from this marriage:
XIIIa 3. Peter Edward VAN MUSSCHENBROEK (b.5 Jan 1970) sp: Karen Elizabeth TAYLOR (b.10 Feb 1970 m.10 Dec 1992)
from this marriage:
1. Charne Ruby Elizabeth VAN MUSSCHENBROEK (b.17 Jul 1993)
2. Kyle VAN MUSSCHENBROEK (b.3 Nov 1995)
XIV 3. Michael Thomas VAN MUSSCHENBROEK (b.3 Feb 1971) Daleen ? (b.14 Aug ? m.6 Jan 2001)
from this marriage:
1. Tyron Stephen VAN MUSSCHENBROEK (b.10 Jul 1972) sp: Cheryl ? (b.6 May ? m.9 Jul 2000)
2. Sandra Marie VAN MUSSCHENBROEK (b.24 Apr 1949-Benoni,S. Africa) sp: Eric CATTO
(b.13 Oct 1946 m.31 Oct 1970)
XI . Samuel James Thilophilus (‘Sam’) VAN MUSSCHENBROEK (b.26 Aug 1898-Possibly
Transvaal d.2 Aug 1967) sp: Alida Johanna Sophia GROBLER (b.25 Feb 1908 m.19 Nov 1925 d.?)
from this marriage:
1. Katherina Wilhelmina VAN MUSSCHENBROEK (b.3 Nov 1927) sp: Louie Lionel LAIDLAW (b.27 Dec 1926
m.3 Aug 1951 d.2 Jun 1972)
XII 2. Samuel Gisbertho VAN MUSSCHENBROEK (b.15 Jan 1931 d.?) sp: Yvonne HOFFMAN (b.10 Feb 1931 m.?)
from this marriage:
1. Heloise Louisa VAN MUSSCHENBROEK (b.30 Oct 1955)
2. Samuel VAN MUSSCHENBROEK (b.5 Apr 1958)
3. Felicity Jane VAN MUSSCHENBROEK (b.25 Apr 1967)
4. Paul VAN MUSSCHENBROEK (b.6 Jan 1969)
XIIa 3. Ronald Edgar VAN MUSSCHENBROEK (b.20 Sep 1937) sp: Karin BRUHN (b.23 Aug 1940 m.7 Mar 1958)
from this marriage:
1. Gina VAN MUSSCHENBROEK (b.14 Aug 1959)
2. Martin VAN MUSSCHENBROEK (b.29 Dec 1962)
3. Sean VAN MUSSCHENBROEK (b.4 Jul 1966) sp: Enid Grace KROON